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Thinking Out Loud

Teri S. Wood
Author Teri S. Wood (Resa Challender) began her career doing a comic strip called, The Cartoonist, which ran in the back of the Fantagraphic's bi-weekly, comic magazine, Amazing Heroes. There, she poked fun at all the greats of the comic book industry, which at the time, included Neil Gaiman, who retaliated with doodled postcards that Teri cherishes to this day.

Her first comic work was as the artist on the MU Press book, Rhudiprrt: The Prince of Fur. The next project Teri took on was to write and draw her critically-aclaimed, sci-fi series, Wandering Star. Teri S. Wood is very happy to annouce that Wandering Star will soon be collected into a lovely, hard-back omnibus by Dover Publications in the summer of 2016.

Since then, Teri has mostly done smaller projects, but hopes to take on another, large, comic book project soon: Darklight.

In the meanwhile, Teri lives out in the wilds of Forks, Washington, where she swears she has yet to see any sparkly vampires or Bigfoots, even though she camps often with her cousin Jatina Challender, and their Rottweillers.

Teri, who goes by the name of Resa Challender in real life, can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler, and also has her own website, with her smaller projects on it at Resa Fantasy Arts.

Thanks so much, for taking the time to read this.
Teresa Challender