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PVC Plumbing Pipe, Firewood Holder

Hello.  Yes, back here at Livejournal, yet again.  I guess I'm just a creature of habit.  I like Livejournal, even if it's fallen out of fashion.

But?  It's great for entries like this one.  TODAY I made a PVC Pipe, Firewood Holder.  I got the idea from this site here -- THE CAVENDER DIARY.  If you stop by, it has quite a few interesting things under "Projects".

Now I made mine a little different.  For several reasons:

1. I'm still new at woodworking, so I just wanted to see how this one would work.  I figured if I made an outside one first, I could skip sanding, and things like the edging, and top of the shelf.  (See pic)  I plan to make the "pretty" version later.

2. Like Mr. Cavender found, they only had glavenized steel,  floor flanges.  Which are also groved for a screw in pipe.  That meant it didn't fit.  It was either too small, or too large for the PVC pipes.  And?  Most PVC pipe fittings run under 30 cents.  The glavanized parts are $5.00 and up, EACH.  

3. He made an extra strong, bottom that I didn't think I needed.  I've stored cords of firewood on just two 2 x 4s, so I only went with two layers.

4. I also cheated, and used 1/2 inch pipe.  Because?  it's so damn cheap.  The long pipes, I don't remember how long there were, but I'm guessing 8 feet long, were $2.50 each.  I bought two.  With the connectors running .25 cents each, the whole contraption ran under $7.  And I already had 2x4s.  I have no idea how that will effect strength in the long run, but I guess we'll see.

Here's my Contraption:

It's holding up pretty good, though I do see a bit of stress on the pipes, though it feels solid.

Since I didn't use the flanges, I changed the layout of the wood a bit.  The ends are two 2x4s -- the top one I cut 1 inch holes for the pipes.  The bottom piece stops them.
Here's a close-up.

The only real problem I ran into?  Was attaching nails to boards.  Since I went with holes and not flanges ... three of my nails poked through the holes cut for the pipe.  I had to bend them down the sides, which wouldn't have worked at all, if I hadn't also cut the holes too big.  For 1/2 inch, PVC pipe, the Boring Bit I should have used was a 7/8s.  The 1 incher was just a bit too big.

Anyway.  That's all for now.  I hope you're all having a great day!