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Hi all.  Yup, I'm back on Livejournal.  For posting inline photos with text, this is still easier for me.

So, you have a burned out oven element.  If you're like me, you'll go online, drop in on Youtube, and watch a video like THIS.  I love YouTubes for this kind of thing, but in this case, after finishing the repair, Jatina and I can show you a MUCH EASIER WAY.

Overall, it's pretty easy, except for the @#$ connector wires.  Make sure you unplug the oven first.  Do it NOW.  Double check.  Okay.

Now, like in the video, you remove the racks.  We also put a small ice chest under the door, so if you lean on the door, it's supported and the brackets won't be damaged.  Because you will lean on it.  It's kinda impossible not to do that.  Okay ...

Unscrew the two screws holding the back plate of the old element to the stove back wall.

In the video, you are supposed to pull the old element partway out, so you can access the connector wires that poke through this tiny little, sharp edged hole in the back of the inside of your oven.  Then unplug them, without losing the wires into that tiny little hole.

This is freaking impossible.  The wires are very tight, and the minute they're unplugged, they leave.  We tried to get them back with needle nosed pliers, but had no luck at all.  So we had to remove the back plate.  Which looks like this below.  We then found the wires, pushed them back through.  And like in the video, climbed into the oven to reconnect (cut heck out of my fingers) and then reattached the element.

BUT THERE IS AN EASIER WAY.  Once you unscrew that back plate of the element, just pull the @$# stove out and take off the cover plate on the back of the oven BEFORE TRYING TO UNHOOK THE CONNECTORS.

  Removing the back oven cover is EASY.  Lookie -- if your stove is like ours, it'll look like THIS.

It's held on by two screws.  One on the side, directly across from a clip.  And one on the bottom.

First Screw.  Note little slide connector directly across from it.

  Second screw.  Now just wiggle and remove.

Once it's removed, you can easily see the back of the old element where it pokes through and connects to the connecter wires.  Now it's really easy to work with.

You can unplug.  Go back around, pull out the old element.  Pop in the new one.  Then go back round, and pop the wired connectors back on.  Plus, if you do what I did, and connected one upside down, it's pretty freaking easy after you turn it on and find it isn't working, to go back and fix that.

Then, just put the back cover back on... and you're done.  Presto Chango.

Teresa Challender


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May. 4th, 2015 01:22 pm (UTC)
I might have to do that at some point and... amazing how the simplest procedure can be the least thought about. Yup, make an effort to pull the oven back and presto, super-easy. It's likely what the pros do. I mean, it has to be why that panel is there... Thank you!
May. 6th, 2015 02:28 pm (UTC)
Your very welcome.
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