December 4th, 2007


Hurricane winds, car accidents, and a miracle or two.

My, that was a monstrously, horrible weekend.
But it could have been much worse, and damn near was ... so ... thanking all the powers that be, right now.
When things have finally had a chance to wind down, I'll write about some of it. Hell, I’ll even post a picture or two.
Oh, and the people of Forks, Washington rock.

I may be out of touch for a while. Or not. Depends on what happens next.

I usually don't share private things ... but ...

My uncle was in a head on collision the day before the big storm hit. Saturday morning. The truck was totaled. The entire passenger side is crushed in. He survived it, fairly intact. But he is in extreme pain. Has nearly no appetite and can barely walk. He has spent the last few days in a hotel in town recovering in bed. He'd be here -- but we're still in those damn camp trailers and the place we're moving to has no electricity or water yet (it needs a well drilled). We've been covering hotel costs.

BUT ... His wife wants him to rent a car and drive home tomorrow -- five hours -- so she can have him at a toddler's birthday party. She wanted him to do it Monday, but there was that hurricane thing -- 90 to 100 mile per hour winds, and all the roads were closed, and electricity was off. So he could stay at the hotel without her throwing too large a fit. Though she kept leaving messages on his cell phone letting him know that she was terribly inconvenienced by this. She wants him home. Now.

We're going to do everything in our power tomorrow to convince him to stay here. And see a doctor again. I know -- I KNOW -- he's going to fight us on this. He loves this ... person. And she gets so very angry when her life doesn't go exactly according to plan. That birthday party, for instance. It's not perfect if he's not there smiling in the family photos. She'll want him to smile. Sick people are not photogenic.

We're at wits end here. We've been staying at the hotel to take care of him, and all we can think is WHY ISN'T SHE COMING HERE, DAMNIT??? She wants him to drive, or us to drive him. She's busy.

Oh, and yes, the storm was bad.
But damnit.

By the way ...

The people here in our town of Forks are phenomenal.
When the accident happened, my Uncle's dog freaked and ran. And that big storm was coming. It was already snowing hard. Did so right on through to late Sunday night when the big winds came in.

The word got passed through town about my Uncle, the accident, and his dog. And people started looking for her. One fellow actually took out his hunting dogs and tried tracking her through the snow storm for two days. And found her Monday. She's banged up, very freaked, but okay. Then several different sets of people drove through the town trying to find us, and were waving at each other to let them know they had found us when they did.

Freaking fantastic people.

I'm sharing and I can't shut up.

It's probably due to lack of sleep. I'd be surprised if we've had 10 or 12 hours sleep since Saturday night. We went out Saturday night and Sunday morning and searched for his dog in the snow. We took care of Jatina's dad (my Uncle) when we weren't.

Then Sunday late, the storm hit, and trees were going down. Wind slamming the building. Electricity out, but thank God the hotel runs heat on gas.

The local market also turned out to be ready for this kind of thing. Has lots of generators and had hot food for people. Part of the store still ran. We got some of the hot sandwiches and coffee for us and the Uncle. It was very welcome.

Today, when the wind died down enough, Jatina and I went to clear out what we could from our Uncle's car. It was the first time we'd seen it. I had imagined damage. Dented door, maybe the front end a bit smooshed. I didn't expect it to be crushed in completely on one side. That shook us deeply. I started cursing, which I rarely do in public. We got what we could out of it. Took pictures. The driver's side stayed intact, as did part of the back of the cab. Everything else is just folded up like some tin can. And this was a big truck -- A Tundra. The guy there could not believe our Uncle got through that without any broken bones. He asked twice, to make sure he'd heard us right. He also asked about the Uncle's dog -- everybody knew about the Uncle's dog.

Next to my Uncle's truck was another one in similar shape. A Christmas tree still in the back. That ... that just makes ya cry it's so horrible. I hope they made it out okay.

And after that, Oh man, I wished to God there was something special I could do for Uncle Bill. Because I realized how easily he almost wasn't here anymore. And I wanted to just staple him to reality, I guess. Do something to remind myself I could still do something special for him. Anything special. Didn't matter what. Tried to buy him ice cream, since I know he loves that stuff, but nobody has any in town right now.

We kept his dog in our room, because she has trauma. She is one very frightened doggie. But she survived a car wreck, a snow storm, and hurricane winds. And she wants to just jump on him and cower, and she's 100 pound doggie, and he's hurt. Every time the wind gusts she jumps and shakes all over.

Just ...
I'm tired.
Doubt I'll sleep, I'm so damn worried.
Damn it.
Just damn it.