So, we had a mysterious stranger today.

A while ago, we had a neighbor warn us that they saw someone poking around our house while we were gone. Which scared us, so we got security cameras, and set them up, out of the weather, and mostly, out of view.

And today, we had a mysterious stranger.

We were actually home, and saw him first on the camera feed in the computer room. We were watching Netflix when this happened. The security cameras are on an old monitor next to our computer. Jatina likes watching all the cars that go by...

Jatina went out to ask him what he was doing (walking around, looking at stuff, taking photos) and he said that he was there to re-evaluate the property for insurance, and that he had an appointment. Jatina asked if her dad had set it up, and he asked for a name. She said, "Challender" ... she admits, stupidly, and he said, "that's it!"

However, we had heard nothing, and asked him to leave.

We then called her dad, and he knew nothing about this at all. He thought it might be a scam. And we have reported it to the police.

But for fun and frolic, I share all my stills from the video feed now with YOU!

And here he is again, walking to the back of the house, pausing when he sees the camera for the first time, and turns right around.

Jatina's dad says he will call next week, and find out if the insurance company just decided to do this on their own initiative. We'll see. I hope so. Cuz, CREEPY.

And security cameras? Gotta love'm!

FACEBOOK, you Butthead.

I cannot get on Facebook. At all. I cannot even read what's on it.

It started with it swearing I had malware. I did my Esset Smart Security scan, Adware, and Malwarebytes -- found nothing, and I still can't. I changed my FB password, and now I can't get online at all.

It only allows me to do their Facebook F-Secure. So I'm trying that. Though I'm a tad suspicious it's not legit. But this has been going on for DAYS. First it was only Firefox, now it's Chrome too.

So, if you don't see me. This is why. @#$ it.

The Problem With Teal Pumpkins ...

...and allowing strangers to say what's safe for your kids.

I wish I'd written this earlier, but sorry, I've been a bit sick.

The problem is too many people think they understand what foods contain allergy ingredients, and haven't a freaking clue.

When I was working as a CNA, I got a job at a facility that proudly stated, when I was hired, that it could provide safe, gluten-free foods for it's patients with allergies. This was a medical facility, so I assumed they would know what they were talking about.

Unfortunately, they didn't have a CLUE. In fact, what they did not know about gluten was mind-boggling.

It took one day for me to figure it out. I actually over-heard one of the old-timers in the kitchen explaining to a new employee that gluten was wheat. So no wheat bread for patients who couldn't have gluten. But white flour was OKAY.

When I tried to explain to them the opposite, and that gluten could also be found in spice mixes, dressings, marinades, and even some raw meat -- a lot of the fancy turkey brands like ButterBall have been marinaded -- they told me, quite disdainfully, that they'd talk to the head chef about it, but weren't going to change policy because of something I'd said.

When I refused to have a gummy bear that I was offered on a break before reading the ingredients, they laughed at my silliness. "How could wheat gluten be in a gummy bear?" But when I insisted they check the ingredients, they found, much to their surprise, that yeah, it contained wheat.

In fact, one of the ladies who over-heard this was dumb-founded, because her child was gluten sensitive, and she had been trying to feed him properly. And no one had told her that it could be in CANDY. So I gave her a quick primer. She was horrified when she found out it was also in many brands of licorice. She'd been letting him have that, and was wondering now if that was why he still had an upset stomach.

So, please, Friends, don't trust the Teal Pumpkins. It is NOT SAFE to trust that other people will know what won't hurt your children. Even if they work in the medical industry, there is No Guarantee.

ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK. Unless they're passing out non-food items, you can't be sure. And while we're at it, do double check your info too.

I am not going to the hospital

Very sorry to have worried anyone.  I kinda panicked last night when I found the fever.  But I talked to my doctor this morning and he's not unhappy with my progress.  Particularly since there is no fever this morning -- we checked it twice.  At 6am and 9:30am, and it's normal again.  Also, though I still have pain, it's reduced by half from when I went in Tuesday.  I'll be checking in with him in a couple more days.

Argh, tho!  Good golly!  I was totally freaked all night.  All this has been very stressful.  Plus -- internet.  I can read all the stuff about how this can go horribly astray.  Gah.  But for now, I'm doing mostly okay.

((hugs)) to ya all.  Going to go curl up under some blankies.

I may be going into the hospital

(Edited to add -- my doctor says I'm okay.  Fever is gone again.  See next entry for more.  Sorry!)

Tonight, I started having a low grade fever.  More pressure on the side.  A little more pain.  So, all we need to do is decide if we need to go right now, or wait and talk to the doc in the AM.

If I end up there, Jatina will likely post.  I've asked her to do that.  But it will likely only be on Facebook.  Here's the addy to my page, if anyone needs it.

Fun with Tinidazole and Doxycycline

This is mostly for anyone who might end up in my shoes someday.  Because I know the first thing I did when all this started was google stuff on entamoeba histolytica.  All the rest I amCollapse )

At least I think I am.  Half the time I do it wrong.

Okay, I am on my third day of the treatment for the parasite and the infection, and I want to make a note about something that happened last night.  I am going to guess this is something to do with either a "side effect" or a die-off.  But last night I had more freaky, freaky dreams.

I'm not kidding.  I was in a very realistic house, in a room with living pictures.  The photos, which had things like cowboys, and various characters from the Supernatural show were yelling at each other.  Then began shooting.  And I knew I had to get to one side, and flip the frames so that they couldn't see each other, or we'd all be killed.

Then everything went black, and I could barely see.  It was terrifying, and I woke up with my head burning, and hearing whoosing sounds.  I didn't want to go back to sleep, but it was really hard to wake fully up.  I got up, and knocked on Jatina's door, and we sat up for about an hour til I felt better.

What the hell was that?  Felt weird as all get out.  The burning in my head subsided after a short while -- Jatina gave me an antihistime and an IBprophen, that might have helped -- but I felt weird for at least an hour.

And this morning?  Major anxiety attack.  Very weird too, because I understood there wasn't anything to be afraid of, and this probably was still a die-off or a side effect, but good golly.  It was all i could do not to jump up and flee the house.  Really.  No lie.  But it too faded after about a hour.  And then I was just tired.

I'm okay now.  No sign of any deterioration -- still eating, no additional pain beyond what has been going on, and my stomach pain is improved today (mild nausea tho) -- so, what the hey?


Forgive any mis-spellings, please.  I'm off my game.

PVC Plumbing Pipe, Firewood Holder

Hello.  Yes, back here at Livejournal, yet again.  I guess I'm just a creature of habit.  I like Livejournal, even if it's fallen out of fashion.

But?  It's great for entries like this one.  TODAY I made a PVC Pipe, Firewood Holder.  I got the idea from this site here -- THE CAVENDER DIARY.  If you stop by, it has quite a few interesting things under "Projects".

Now I made mine a little different.  For several reasons:

1. I'm still new at woodworking, so I just wanted to see how this one would work.  I figured if I made an outside one first, I could skip sanding, and things like the edging, and top of the shelf.  (See pic)  I plan to make the "pretty" version later.

2. Like Mr. Cavender found, they only had glavenized steel,  floor flanges.  Which are also groved for a screw in pipe.  That meant it didn't fit.  It was either too small, or too large for the PVC pipes.  And?  Most PVC pipe fittings run under 30 cents.  The glavanized parts are $5.00 and up, EACH.  

3. He made an extra strong, bottom that I didn't think I needed.  I've stored cords of firewood on just two 2 x 4s, so I only went with two layers.

4. I also cheated, and used 1/2 inch pipe.  Because?  it's so damn cheap.  The long pipes, I don't remember how long there were, but I'm guessing 8 feet long, were $2.50 each.  I bought two.  With the connectors running .25 cents each, the whole contraption ran under $7.  And I already had 2x4s.  I have no idea how that will effect strength in the long run, but I guess we'll see.

Here's my Contraption:

It's holding up pretty good, though I do see a bit of stress on the pipes, though it feels solid.

Since I didn't use the flanges, I changed the layout of the wood a bit.  The ends are two 2x4s -- the top one I cut 1 inch holes for the pipes.  The bottom piece stops them.
Here's a close-up.

The only real problem I ran into?  Was attaching nails to boards.  Since I went with holes and not flanges ... three of my nails poked through the holes cut for the pipe.  I had to bend them down the sides, which wouldn't have worked at all, if I hadn't also cut the holes too big.  For 1/2 inch, PVC pipe, the Boring Bit I should have used was a 7/8s.  The 1 incher was just a bit too big.

Anyway.  That's all for now.  I hope you're all having a great day!


Hi all.  Yup, I'm back on Livejournal.  For posting inline photos with text, this is still easier for me.

So, you have a burned out oven element.  If you're like me, you'll go online, drop in on Youtube, and watch a video like THIS.  I love YouTubes for this kind of thing, but in this case, after finishing the repair, Jatina and I can show you a MUCH EASIER WAY.

Overall, it's pretty easy, except for the @#$ connector wires.  Make sure you unplug the oven first.  Do it NOW.  Double check.  Okay.

Now, like in the video, you remove the racks.  We also put a small ice chest under the door, so if you lean on the door, it's supported and the brackets won't be damaged.  Because you will lean on it.  It's kinda impossible not to do that.  Okay ...

Unscrew the two screws holding the back plate of the old element to the stove back wall.

In the video, you are supposed to pull the old element partway out, so you can access the connector wires that poke through this tiny little, sharp edged hole in the back of the inside of your oven.  Then unplug them, without losing the wires into that tiny little hole.

This is freaking impossible.  The wires are very tight, and the minute they're unplugged, they leave.  We tried to get them back with needle nosed pliers, but had no luck at all.  So we had to remove the back plate.  Which looks like this below.  We then found the wires, pushed them back through.  And like in the video, climbed into the oven to reconnect (cut heck out of my fingers) and then reattached the element.

BUT THERE IS AN EASIER WAY.  Once you unscrew that back plate of the element, just pull the @$# stove out and take off the cover plate on the back of the oven BEFORE TRYING TO UNHOOK THE CONNECTORS.

  Removing the back oven cover is EASY.  Lookie -- if your stove is like ours, it'll look like THIS.

It's held on by two screws.  One on the side, directly across from a clip.  And one on the bottom.

First Screw.  Note little slide connector directly across from it.

  Second screw.  Now just wiggle and remove.

Once it's removed, you can easily see the back of the old element where it pokes through and connects to the connecter wires.  Now it's really easy to work with.

You can unplug.  Go back around, pull out the old element.  Pop in the new one.  Then go back round, and pop the wired connectors back on.  Plus, if you do what I did, and connected one upside down, it's pretty freaking easy after you turn it on and find it isn't working, to go back and fix that.

Then, just put the back cover back on... and you're done.  Presto Chango.

Teresa Challender

I may be leaving Livejournal for Tumblr.

Well, when I say "may", I have already begun the process.

Tumblr has a lot going for it.  And it's a lovely venue for graphic heavy posts.  And here on LJ, I only have a few friends left who post.  Which is very sad, really, because I remember when Livejorunal was the Place To Be for anyone creative.  Man, how things change in just a decade.

I'm not going to close the LJ, since it has such a long history of posts, art, etc, and I don't want to lose that.  But I want to give anyone who might see this the "head's up".

I am now posting HERE.