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It's Tuesday -- so SUPERNATURAL FAN ART!

Yep, it's Tuesday.  Time to post my SUPERNATURAL Fanart. 

This is a couple of "Lesser Characters" in the show, who really need their own spin-off: Sheriff's Jody and Donna.

I hope you enjoy it, as I'm already pondering a couple of Fan Cartoons of Crowley, Dean, Sam and Castiel.  Though, my other projects will still be worked on.  Just enjoying doing the fanart.  Plus?  Really great reception on Twitter.  Whee!

SHERIFF'S JODY AND DONNA on Deviant Art.  And also on TUMBLR.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!  Can't wait to see the next ep of SUPERNATURAL.  Even though I have to wait til tomorrow.  ((no cable))  :/
It's done. But I made this one specifically for the SUPERNATURAL fandom on Twitter.  The actresses who are featured in it Tweet the show Tuesday Night, and Briana Buckmaster has a live chat.  So I want to post it then.

I did have a Nancy Girl ready, but I spent days on this, and I'm extremely pleased, so I want it to be my main art this week.

You can see the WIPs in my Scrapbook file on Deviant Art.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!  Me, I'm WIPED.  This took hours and hours and hours.  Which is a long story, all by itself.  But the main point is, it GOT DONE. Yes!  Now, I'm going to watch TV for a while, then find my bud John Martin and play GUILD WARS 2.  Whoot!

Okay, night all!
They've been pushed to the side for my color pieces.

Along with UNITY and The Adventures of Nancy Girl, they're chewing up my week.  Each piece of colored art is taking me close to 30 hours!  Argh!  Though I suspect I'll get much faster, as the process becomes more intuitive.

I mention all this, because I fully realize that I haven't been quite reliable with my projects the last 10 years, and wanted to make sure ya knew I was still creating, just not writing right now.

And, with that, I should get back to it.

I had myself a real block where color art was concerned.  And I think I'm finally getting past it.  Because I'm really really really really happy with this last piece of fanart I've done.

I hope you all enjoy it.  You can see it on DEVIANT ART or my TUMBLR page.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day!


NEW ART -- Yeah, didn't wait til tomorrow.

I figured, it's all done.  Why wait 8 hours?

So here ya go, UNITY pages three and four, of my six page, short story.
You can also see them on my Tumblr page, and my Deviant Art page.

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend.  Mine's doing pretty good.  :)

New Art! (With another one tomorrow!)

Yay!  I colored it!  And I likes it!  So here!  You can see it too!
Deviant Art -- Archangel Michael.
Tumblr -- Same!

Hope you're all having a fantastic night.

Tomorrow --  2 more pages of UNITY!!


Kinda New Art.

This is just what's lurking on my SAI Art Tool today.  I've done several color drawings this week, as well as finishing up my two UNITY pages that'll be up on Sunday... but often my coloring goes astray.  And so you'll never get to see them....

But I have High Hopes for this one.  And he's an Angel.  So much fun.  :)  Wish me luck...


Sandoval was a scary guy.  And not just because he ran the Mexican Mafia in our area.  Though I expect that would be enough for most people.   But no, there was more to it than that, and it lay in the way he smiled.

If you were someone who just skimmed the surface of people, as so many do, you’d see a man, good-natured and jolly.  That was his face, it’s what people saw.

Not me.  I learned early, that it was in the eyes, that people lived.  And Sandoval’s were deep, and dark, and still.  His were eyes that watched everything.  That studied, took notes, and considered.  And might make decisions that shook the world.

I wanted so much to hate him.  I was a kid.  And He was a Bad Guy.  The world is simple for children.

And it was disheartening, as all heck, to know my father worked for him.

Hell, my father worshiped the guy.  He basked in a glow whenever he spoke of Sandoval, and his works.  And this caused me a dilemma. 

I couldn’t quite bring myself to think of my father as bad.  Fathers are supposed to be good.  So, I compromised, at a very early age, and decided my father was stupid instead.  No doubt this would have pissed off my father, had he known.   But stupid was easier to deal with, than “my father is a bad, bad man.”

These days, I know better.  Though, perhaps because it was so much a part of my world view growing up, I still think of my father as an incredibly stupid man.  Evil and stupidity, linked together forever whenever I remember him.  And just between you and me, I think he was.  To this day, I am baffled as to how he survived working for Sandoval, so many years, to die, finally of the big C, and not from a slit throat, or a bullet in the back of his head.  But Sandoval really seemed to like my Father.  I have no idea why.

But my story today is about The Dinner.  I was older, maybe twelve years old, at most.  My father was definitely in the glow, because Sandoval had come up with a “fucking brilliant idea”.

There was to be a Charity Dinner for a Great Cause I’ve long forgotten about.  Steak Dinners, for one hundred dollars a plate.  And the brilliant part?  That was easy, and nothing unusual to my mind -- Sandoval would take a slice off the top of the profits, a full 50 percent.  The Charity would get the rest, and be happy for it, because half is still more than zero.  And what a Win it would be for Sandoval.  “He’ll make a fucking fortune!” Father gushed.  He was so impressed.

We were less so.  For us, it meant work.  No big surprise there.  Father worked us in his mobile snack bar at every function he could find.  Five hours on school days, and up to ten on the weekends.  And we didn’t complain, because work meant that we also got to eat.

See. Father was a bit shaky on his understanding of Fatherhood.  In his mind, family was about what we could do for HIM, and he didn’t like shelling out cash to feed us, unless we earned our keep.  So we worked.

This was going to be a long day, no question.  And I hated it.  We all did.  But we kept our eyes lowered, and we demurred, and did as we were told.

We arrived at the building at 7am, and began cleaning and wrapping potatoes.  We chopped veggies for the salad bar, and cleaned the huge dining room.  We set out the tables, table cloths, and centerpieces.

Around 3pm, a man arrived with a huge barbecue, and began the grilling of the steaks.  The glitterato began arriving shortly after, with their Ben Franklins and empty stomachs.  We served the food, and cleared away plates and trash as needed.

At 6pm, most were done.   Though the fun and frolic continued, because of the Bar, and a bit of gambling.

We were absolutely famished by that time.  As the norm, we’d had absolutely nothing to eat all day, and the smell of the cooked steaks and the toasty baked potatoes, and sight of the salad bar was hard to bare.  But we knew how it worked.  We do our job, and get food after.  We just had to wait.  That’s what Mom said to us quietly, back in the kitchen, when we began complaining that we were hungry.  “Just be patient.”

By 8pm,  I glanced out at the dining room to see Father sitting with Sandoval, knocking back the beers in merry, good cheer, his stomach full from the very good dinner he’d had, and thought, “this is bad.”  Things were not winding down.  In fact, there was no sign at all of the event ending any time soon.  I told my Mom this, and she agreed.  Then, in a firm tone that suggested we were expected to be brave about it, she told us to expect to not eat  tonight.  When I complained for her to do something, she said there was nothing she could do.  She couldn’t bother Father when he was with Sandoval.  That was absolutely impossible.  Then reminded us that this was, after all, Sandoval’s gig.  There was no money in it for Father.  And the leftover food belonged to Sandoval, so we could not have any.

I looked at my little brother, who had begun to cry, and snapped.  I told my mother if she would not ask Father for food, that I would, and headed for the door.  She made a quick grab for me, but I  side-stepped her, and was out of the kitchen before she could stop me without a scene.

Then, I hesitated.  I could see them up ahead, Sandoval, and his friends, with my father, all having a very good time.  If I did this, I risked embarrassing my father, and that was worrisome.  And I had to ask in front of Sandoval, and see his face, with his scary eyes, and that was intimidating.  But there was my little brother, hungry in the kitchen.  And me too.  I was a bit sick from it.  So I forced myself forward.

When I stepped up, my father’s smile slipped and fell.  “What do you want?  Why aren’t you in the kitchen, cleaning up?”

If I had courage, I felt it go the way of Father’s smile.  I lowered my head, meek and mild, and said, “We’re hungry. Can we have something to eat?”

Father leaned back in his chair, and chuckled.  “Eat?  You want something to eat?  Do you have a hundred dollar bill?  I paid a hundred dollars for my meal?  Where’s your money?  What?  You want to eat free, when everybody else had to pay?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sandoval’s smile disappear too.  His eyes taking in everything.

“But,” I said, feeling as if I was getting smaller with every word, but trying to stand my ground anyway, “we haven’t had anything to eat all day.”

There was a change, right there, in the air.  My father shifted in his seat to say something withering, but Sandoval beat him to it.  He said, words smooth and silky and dangerous, “you haven’t eaten all day?”

My eyes skittered to his face.  “Yes, sir.  And we got here at 7am.”

Sandoval looked at my father, “they haven’t eaten all day?”

My father looked completely caught off guard, and babbled something like, “well, I might have forgotten, in all the work and...”

Sandoval looked at me, and without touching, seemed to lift my chin.  “I’m sure there’s plenty left over.  Go ahead and eat.”

My father quickly added, “no steaks though, they’re expensive.  But you can have potatoes and bread.”

Sandoval smiled at my father.  I wonder if he noticed the lack of smile in Sandoval’s eyes.  “No.  You can each have a steak too.  You did, after all, work all day.”

And with that, I was dismissed, and left tittering on the edge of a great confusion, as I stared at the Bad Bad Man,.

Sandoval offered us food when we were hungry, and Father would not feed us.  And I knew, that now, I liked him  just a little bit for that.  And what was I to do with that tiny, bit of warm feeling toward the man I believed was Evil?  I could no longer hate him.

The world turns on moments like this.  And mine had come on the price of a meal.

It's almost SUNDAY, that means NEW ART!

And HERE YA GO -- another Adventures of Nancy Girl.  All ready.

It can also be found on my Tumblr page, and my Deviant Art page.  So, wander where you will.

I hope you're all having a great End of Week.  It's been pretty good over here.  If busy ....

John Martin may have mucked up next week though.  He introduced me to Guild Wars 2, and it's mightly discounted price til tomorrow evening.  I must be strong.  Must resist the Call of the Game....
I stood in the darkness, swinging our LED lantern above my head, and screaming like a banshee at the ominous sounds radiating from the blackness beyond our camp, and my light.

Yup.  I’d say that’s a memory I won’t forget soon.  Though it wasn’t nearly as exciting, ultimately, as it seems to imply.  Though, yeah, I was pretty scared.

We’d only been camping maybe a day or two at most.  We’d found a lovely spot, of unbothered trees in the logging lands around the Forks area.  It had probably been cleared a decade or so ago, then left unmolested since, to grow, and become wild again.  All save the gravel road that lead up to a small stream at the top of a hill.

It was a perfect spot for someone looking for a place to stay a while, to be away from all the problems in their life.  And it was pretty obvious nobody had been out there in some time, save one black bear we saw on the way up.  He never bothered us, once we settled.  Though, I suspect that was probably more due to our two rottweilers leaving their scent all over the campsite, than any respect for two human ladies.

We checked out the area, and found a nice, flat spot for the tent.  Then collected river stones for a fire pit.  And even had a bucket for water to put it out every night.

It was a nice set up.  We even had a camp oven, so we could bake bread.  Really.  Bring an ice chest, and artisan bread dough, and you can make pretty much anything, if you’re creative.  We had cinnamon buns every morning, and pigs in a blanket for dinner.  And nice, perk-coffee for our “wake ya up” in the morning.  It was lovely.

So my story begins thusly.  We had a wonderful day of short walks along wild flower, garlanded paths, and hours of coffee-infused book reading.  We sat around our fire in the evening, enjoying the feel of the outdoors, and staring up at the stars that were starting to show their faces in the sky.  But it finally got dark.  Dark, like it can only get that far away from the city lights.  So, with resigned sighs, we grabbed our flashlights, put away our stuff, put out the fire, and headed off to bed.

Our original plan was to set up a LED lantern just outside our tent, but even on low, it was far too bright.  And after some consideration, we decided to turn it off.  We were big girls, we could sleep in the dark.  We figured, we’re safe.  We have big dogs.  And what could happen?

Then, about 30 minutes after the light went out, just like in one of the Horror movies we love so well, came this Unholy Shrieking.  It floated up through the trees beyond our camp, coming closer and closer.  Followed by the sounds of many, large things moving in the dark.

I had no idea what it was.  And I was practically frozen in fear.  So was Jatina.  So were the dogs.  I’ve never seen our dogs so quiet, or so still.

In the dark, my mind went, “shit!  Bigfoot?  BigFoots (plural?)”  Then more sanely, “cougars?”  Jatina said, “it might be Elk, but ... I don’t know what that shrieking is!”

And all I could think was, if that’s Elk coming up the path to the river behind our tent, we may have some problems.  Elk are kinda big.  I’m not sure a herd of them would stop for a small tent.  And we hadn’t left the lantern on.  So it wasn’t like we were advertising our Human Presence.

And I got up, in the dark, with only my tiny flashlight.  It’s a 2 LED, very dim, but it’s usually enough.  And when I went outside, the shrieking got much louder.  Worse, it was probably 10 feet to my left.  I was shaking so hard, I could barely find the damn button on the lantern.  Then it clicked on, but in that all encompassing dark, the light didn’t go very far, and the shrieking only got worse.  So all I could think of was, swing it, and scream, and hopefully whatever was out there would go away.

It worked.

The shrieking moved off.  As did the sounds of movement in the darkness.  Soon, the night was quiet again.  And I went back into the tent, leaving the LED lantern on high.  I mean, screw it!  We could deal with the light.

Inside, I found two rottweiler dogs staring up at me with what I can only describe as Hero Worship.  I’d gone outside, and faced the Big Scary Things, and chased them off.  I was now “The Big Dog”.  And stayed “The Big Dog” for several days before the dogs forgot all about my heroic act, and went back to their attitude of “if you have treats, you’re cool.  If not, you suck.”

So.  There it was.  My most vivid memory of our camping trip of 2013.

Tip?  If you’re gonna camp out in the boonies?  Leave on the damn lantern.

PS?  The shrieking turned out to be pair of Spotted Owls.  We’ve read online later that owls follow the Elk herds because they stir up small critters they can then catch and eat.  Scroll down the link to hear their calls.